Collection: PURE ~ 100% Beeswax Pillar Candles

Wood + Honey has finally created a beeswax candle that does not come in a vessel, but simply stands alone ~
Introducing PURE

100% PURE beeswax straight from Florida.  It has been filtered to remove natural debris left from the bees and the hive and that is all, everything that is pure about it remains.

Absolutely no added scents or anything in these beauties, and it is certainly not needed.  This beeswax has the "oh natural" aroma of sweet honey and citrus - it's simply intoxicating in my opinion.

Each one is individually hand poured, shaped and molded to get them as uniform as possible.  Of course, we love and thrive on that "perfectly imperfect" look, it's been our motto for years, so expect a few variations here and there.  After all these are all natural in nature.

Made with a pure cotton wick, these candles are truly a simple pleasure.  Clean burning and lasting forever ~ PURE is an absolute must have for your home.
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