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1 ounce PURE beeswax bars ~ 2 pack

1 ounce PURE beeswax bars ~ 2 pack

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Beeswax in its most beautiful form. PURE and unaltered.

2 - 1 ounce beeswax bars can be used for many purposes in the everyday world. Sewing, wood working, on leather and more.

Good to have on hand for whatever use you may have.

About the PURE Candle Line ~

  • 100% PURE beeswax straight from Florida.  It has been filtered to remove natural debris left from the bees and the hive and that is all, everything that is pure about it remains.
  • Absolutely no added scents or anything in these beauties, and it is certainly not needed.  This beeswax has the "oh natural" aroma of sweet honey and citrus - it's simply intoxicating in my opinion.
  • Each one is individually hand poured,shapedand molded to get them as uniform as possible.  Of course, we love and thrive on that "perfectly imperfect" look, it's been our motto for years, so expect a few variations here and there.  After all these are all natural in nature.
  • Made with a pure cotton wick, these candles are truly a simple pleasure.  Clean burning and lasting forever ~ PUREisan absolute must have for your home.

Burning instructions for PURE Candle Line ~

  • Beeswax almost has a memory if you will. just as the bees find their hive, the beeswax remembers how to burn...if you train it right.
  • Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" before each light.
  • When lighting for the first time, allow beeswax to burn for about 2-3 hours to create a pool and collar on the outer rim of the candle. Extinguish and allow to cool completely before relighting.
  • The second light allow the candle to burn for 3-4 hours and repeat the process of extinguishing and cooling completely.
  • After that light at will and enjoy. The beeswax should burn evenly till the end.
  • Do place on a fire safe plate or holder, to prevent any damage to surfaces. Do not burn any further when the candle is a 1/2" or less.
  • Never burn near open windows or flammable items and always keep away from pets and children.
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Lets talk some Scents for a second....

The offered scents reflect me a bit in that they are named and described after things I like to do, things I say to my yoga classes, inappropriate phrases I use (slightly edited though for these purposes), favorite songs, things that make me giggle and there's one that even reminds me of my mama. Life is too short for boring candle names, right? Each scent combo is delicious, light and not too overwhelming in my opinion.  You can rest easy knowing that ALL are made with Phthalate and Paraben Free fragrance oils and we use NO ingredient that test on animals or uses animal bi-products.I hope you enjoy.Fragrance sensitivity or allergy?Try one of our "unscented" candles or melts.  It has a light honey scent just as the bees and mother nature intended with no fragrance oils added.