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Wood + Honey

Everyday: Flannel ‘n Flames

Everyday: Flannel ‘n Flames

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Autumn is most definitely my favorite season. Cooler temperatures, gorgeous colors, falling leaves, cozy clothes and a favorite past time of mine that involves nothing other than simply chillin' around a campfire. This candle screams all that! A rich woody, fresh pine scent with smoky notes and the slightest touch of amber. It's truly like you're sitting outside in your flannels enjoying the flames with friends except ya didn't have to chop firewood and your clothes won't stink afterwards. The best part though, is that being a Wood + Honey candle it's got a wood wick, which means ya may even get the soft sounds of crackling as it burns - just like a real campfire. Cheers to the changing of seasons and all that it brings.

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