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Wood + Honey

"Honey, Hold My Hand" ~ hand repair salve ~ 4 oz

"Honey, Hold My Hand" ~ hand repair salve ~ 4 oz

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"Honey, Hold My Hand"

This beeswax based hand repair salve will have you holding hands again in no time. Can be be applied to not only hands, but elbows, knees and heels too. Really anywhere that needs a little extra moisture. You wont need much and it may feel greasy at first, but rub it in well and I promise it will absorb into the skin beautifully. For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount with clean dry hands or included wooden applicator directly to skin. Rub in completely. May feel a bit greasy at first but trust us, it soaks into the skin pretty quickly just keep on rubbing it in and a little goes a long way for sure.

WARNING: Safe to use on children ages 6 years and older. However, with any product that uses herbs and essential oils it is always recommended to consult with your doctor first. A skin test may be necessary to determine sensitivity. Products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking medication please consult with your doctor before use. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes or orifices as essential oils used may burn.

INGREDIENTS: Pure Beeswax, olive oil (infused with calendula, comfrey leaf, plantain leaf, lavender buds, lemon balm, marshmallow root, chamomile & blue vervain), coconut oil, shea butter, tamanu oil, grapeseed oil, lavender essential oil and geranium essential oil.

NEVER FAKE, JUST REAL ~ Our Promise To You

Never fake, just real ~ our promise to you

At Wood + Honey we are keepin' it real, ALWAYS. Which is why we use ONLY organic, non-GMO and/or sustainably sourced ingredients in our products.

It's important to us to be able to pronounce the names of the ingredients that go into our products as well.

We use NO artificial Preservatives either which is why our products have a shorter shelf life. If Mother Nature didn't make it, we're not using it.

This is whats important to us and it's all we will ever offer to you.

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