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Wood + Honey

"Honey, Pass The Lotion" - beeswax lotion bar

"Honey, Pass The Lotion" - beeswax lotion bar

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Lotion Bar Scent

"Honey - Pass The Lotion"

These deliciously creamy but not greasy lotion bars are the perfect fix to re-hydrate the skin. Can be used anywhere skin may be in need of a little extra moisture. Stores perfectly in a little tin that can be thrown in your purse, car or desk drawer. No more messy tubes or squirt bottles.

Lotion Bars come in 2 scents:

Citrus ~ Made with a combination of lemon and orange essential oils to invigorate the senses throughout the day.

Lavender ~ Made with Lavender essential oil to calm and relax. A perfect addition to your night time routine just before bed.

DIRECTIONS: Rub the lotion bar between both hands to soften and apply as needed. Use on hands, elbows, legs, arms and everywhere in between. For external use only, of course.

INGREDIENTS: Pure beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, vitamin E oil, and Citrus/Lemon EO or Lavender EO depending on which bar you choose.

NEVER FAKE, JUST REAL ~ Our Promise To You

Never fake, just real ~ our promise to you

At Wood + Honey we are keepin' it real, ALWAYS. Which is why we use ONLY organic, non-GMO and/or sustainably sourced ingredients in our products.

It's important to us to be able to pronounce the names of the ingredients that go into our products as well.

We use NO artificial Preservatives either which is why our products have a shorter shelf life. If Mother Nature didn't make it, we're not using it.

This is whats important to us and it's all we will ever offer to you.

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