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Wood + Honey

"Honey, The Sun's Out!" ~ SPF 20+ chemical free sunscreen

"Honey, The Sun's Out!" ~ SPF 20+ chemical free sunscreen

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"Honey, The Sun's Out!"

This non-toxic, 20+ SPF, smooth and completely effective sunscreen can be used on the most sensitive of skins and it even moisturizes too. Using only the cleanest ingredients including uncoated, non-nano and not micronized zinc oxide you can rest easy knowing that this sunscreen is not only protecting you from the sun, but also from harmful chemicals found in other store bought products. It's thick formula goes on easy once in contact with the skin and rubs in beautifully. So don't worry, you won't look like you are covered in white paint.

SPF? So here's the deal, I do not have means or ability to scientifically measure levels of SPF, however, from research I have done, I can tell you that my sunscreen is at least SPF 20, possibly higher. Coconut oil has a natural SPF factor so that only increases the SPF from the zinc oxide. My recipie contains approximately 20% zinc oxide. So with 20% zinc oxide and the natural SPF from coconut oil, you are at minimum a 20-25% SPF. This is a broad spectrum sunscreen so it will provide you with protection from both UVA and UVB sun rays.

DIRECTIONS: Apply as needed, roughly every 60-80 minutes or so. May depend upon activity and after water activity or excessive sweating. Safe for all ages and all skin types

INGREDIENTS: Pure beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and non-nano zinc oxide.

NEVER FAKE, JUST REAL ~ Our Promise To You

Never fake, just real ~ our promise to you

At Wood + Honey we are keepin' it real, ALWAYS. Which is why we use ONLY organic, non-GMO and/or sustainably sourced ingredients in our products.

It's important to us to be able to pronounce the names of the ingredients that go into our products as well.

We use NO artificial Preservatives either which is why our products have a shorter shelf life. If Mother Nature didn't make it, we're not using it.

This is whats important to us and it's all we will ever offer to you.

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